Homeless trend hits Central Florida families

Local 6 catches up with 1 family from CBS' '60 Minutes' segment

SANFORD, Fla. - She seems like your average 9-year-old, but just sit down and talk with Jayde Wiley at her Sanford home.

A year ago, Wiley was living in a motel. Before that she lived in a car with her mom, dad, two dogs, and a cat.

Today, Wiley lives in a two bedroom house.

"It's really good, now I can sleep better," she said.

Last year, Wiley was featured on CBS' '60 Minutes' segment on homeless children in central Florida. After it aired, donations came flooding in.

"They would write letters, they'd call, do nice things, I mean, it was just, the response was overwhelming," said Nancy Wiley, Jayde's mom.

The money helped put Wiley's dad back to work- he's now a trim carpenter.

Wiley has a home of her own, but more kids just like her are sleeping on the streets.
The problem is getting worse.

"This is a long term issue, and we all really need to get involved to make a difference, it's not going away," said Beth Davalos, with the "Families in Transition Program."

In central Florida, the number of homeless children is expected to increase by ten percent next year.

Which means close to ten thousand kids will be where Wiley once was.

Before she starts the fourth grade next month, Wiley spent her summer going door to door, gathering clothes, sneakers, and toys for kids who have no where else to go.

"The kids that still live in the cars, that I hope, just pray and pray real hard that some day you'll probably live in a hotel like me and maybe even a home," she said.

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