Hottest day of year on tap in Central Florida

Orlando to see high temperature of 97 degrees

By Troy Bridges - Meteorologist

ORLANDO, Fla. - The Central Florida forecast in three words: hot, hot, hot!

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"We're tracking the hottest day of the year so far," Local 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said on Wednesday.

Temperatures will soar to 97 degrees in Orlando, a day after hitting 96. 

"Humid air at the surface will make it feel like 105 at times in Central Florida," Bridges said.

The record high temperature in Orlando is 100 degrees, set in 1921.  The average high temperature in Orlando is 92.

Meanwhile, the high temperature in Daytona Beach will reach 95, two degrees shy of its record, which was set in 1938.

"More dry air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere will lead to lower rain chances -- 20 percent -- on Wednesday," Bridges said. 

Rain chances increase to 30 percent for Thursday and Friday, and they jump to 50 percent by Sunday. 

The tropics are also heating up, Bridges said.

"There is a 50 percent chance for development in the next five days for a wave near the Leeward Islands," he added.  "Computer models bring the system into the Gulf of Mexico by the end of next week."

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