House divided: Love and politics

Orlando couple's marriage survives political disagreements

ORLANDO, Fla. - Twelve years and two children later, Betsy and Jason Laureano have canceled out each other's vote every election year since their marriage in 2000.

Despite their clear political differences, Betsy, a Democrat and Jason, a Republican, have managed to avoid a marital split by avoiding the elephant or donkey in the room.

The Laureanos simply refuse to talk politics.

Last Tuesday, the happy couple broke that unwritten pact as Local 6 recorded an impromptu discussion at their Central Florida home during last Tuesday's vice presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.

The living room fencing match was as heated as the national debate we were watching. Betsy fired the first volley, slamming the legacy of the administration that preceded the Obama White House.

"I like that you forget that Bush ever happened," she said.

Jason: "We're talking about the last four years."

Betsy:" I think you need to talk about history or it will repeat itself."

Jason:"That's my point exactly, the last four years."

The Laureanos' living room foray was both entertaining and enlightening. It seems Betsy never realized her husband was a Republican since his "entire family is Democrat."

Betsy is one of 11 siblings in an Irish Catholic family that has a legacy of supporting Democratic politics.

"I'm a Democrat, I don't feel like I'm a liberal, but a lot of people feel like I am," she said.

Jason worked his way through college. He is the product of a single-parent household.

His mom, a Democrat, raised him to be independent.

"The solution we have in America isn't giving more, giving more, giving more," he said.

Neither Betsy nor Jason changed their positions following the vice presidential debate.

Jason says he will vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket, Betsy will support Obama-Biden.

Betsy says she still loves her husband "even though he is wrong."

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