House unanimously approves HOA legislation 37-0

Bill heads to Governor's desk for his signature

TALLAHASSEE.Fla. - The Florida House unanimously approved new home owners association reform legislation by a vote of 37-0 Friday sending what advocates are calling "much needed consumer protection" to Governor Rick Scott's desk for his signature.
State Sen. Alan Hays and Rep. Mike LaRosa worked and reworked similar bills through their respective subcommittees until finally arriving on a 15 page legislative bill that was once 123 pages long.
HB 7119 the identical version of SB 580 passed with ease.
The bill holds HOA directors and board members accountable and calls for direct reporting to the Dept. Of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) in Tallahassee.
Ralph Udick a Lady Lake resident who led a grass roots effort to bring HOA reforms to the state says he will be pressing the Governor to sign the measure into law.
In an email to Sen Hays Office Udick writes:
"We are most delighted that your HOA reform bill is now headed for the Governor's signature."
"I will urge all my friends to email Governor Scott next week urging his swift approval."
Jan Bergman former member of the HOA task force under Gov. Jeb Bush says he is happy but does not want to make any predictions.
"Predicting what happens in Tallahassee is like playing the lottery." Bergman said.
"Our members and supporters will contact the Governor's office asking him to sign the bill into law."

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