How has Facebook changed your life?

Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday

By Julie Broughton - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - Facebook celebrates a big milestone today--its 10th birthday! The social network boasts more than a billion users, and its creator, Mark Zuckerberg is worth $28 billion.

But how has the website changed life and business in the last decade?

"I'm shocked. I'm shocked at some of the things they put out there," said family law attorney Keersten Martinez.

Martinez tells Local 6 she first joined Facebook in 2009 to stay updated on a class reunion. At the time, she says she had no idea how much the site would help her gather information.

"I've seen people disparage dads, their kids are friends, and they communicate inappropriately with the child on that child's Facebook page," she said. "And it's all public knowledge."

Bottom line, she says even if you think it's private, anything on social media can be subpoenaed and is fair game in court.

"Make sure you want everybody to know about it, including the judge in your case or your spouse," she said.

In the last 10 years, Facebook has made more than 210-billion friend connections. Four-hundred billion photos have been shared and 7.8 trillion messages sent.

Facebook is the primary marketing tool for some small business. Yolonda Tyler owns an indoor playground catering to young kids and their parents.

"They're not looking at magazines or newspapers," Tyler said. "They're on their smart phone. We want to be where the people are."

And for the casual user, like 21-year-old Christopher Jones, it's a digital scrapbook.

"It's like a recollection of your life. You can look back and see who you sent messages to," Jones said.

And that's exactly what Facebook wants you to do. The site creates your best moments in video form. Just head to to see your own highlight reel.

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