How to control Facebook ad targeting on computer, smartphone

Opt out of ad targeting strategy that uses activity off Facebook

Facebook is now tracking your online activity beyond and the Facebook app in order to target you with more relevant advertisements.

[CLICK HERE to opt of the Facebook ads tracking your activity off Facebook]

Facebook is rolling out a new targeting strategy for ads that will use information from all of the websites and mobile apps you use in an effort to show you ads that are more relevant to your interests, according to a Facebook news release. In the past, Facebook only used the information you provided in your profile paired with the "Pages" you "like." Facebook calls it a kind of ‘interest-based advertising' and says it is common.

Opting in to this targeting strategy is not mandatory, however, if you do not want Facebook to use the websites and apps you use to show you ads, you can opt out by using the "Digital Advertising Alliance opt-out" in either your web browser or on your mobile device.

You can expect to see the new, more targeted ads in the next few weeks if you live in the US, according to Facebook.

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