How to use your Wake Up alarm

Follow these steps to set up your alarm

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Tired of that annoying alarm? Now is your chance to customize your phone's alarm to have a favorite member of The Local 6 Morning News team wake you up! Just follow these simple steps:

- Select "My Alarms" and create a New Alarm

- Set the desired time and add an alarm name

- Decide if you want the alarm to repeat on the same day each week

- Choose a sound or special message as your Wake Up alarm

- Be sure to SAVE your alarm

- IMPORTANT: You must exit the app by pressing the circular Apple button on the bottom of your iPhone for sound to play when it's time for your alarm to ring.

For best resutls, we recomend that you test the alarm in advance to make sure the volume is set and the steps are followed appropriately. Setting mulitple alarms in sequence could also be helpful to heavy sleepers!

This free app has tons of other great features too! Get your forecast, current weather conditions, and live radar so you can plan your day. Before you hit the road, check the traffic with our interactive map and our live traffic cameras. Wake up to breaking news, new information from overnight, plus national, world, local, entertainment, and sports news headlines.

And here's a special feature you won't get anywhere else! Can't see your television while you're getting ready in the morning? No problem. The Local 6 Wake Up app broadcasts the Local 6 Morning News live right on your phone so you can stay in touch no matter where you are.