Human-sized robot prepares for competition in Florida

Engineers develop 400-pound robot equipped to handle natural disasters

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

PITTSBURGH - It is just a tad taller than 5 feet, weighs 400 pounds, and could be key in handling future disasters.

A human-sized robot is preparing for a big competition in Miami next week. The contest is organized by a group called DARPA, which comes up with new technology for the U.S. military.

The robot was created by Carnegie Mellon's University's National Robotics Engineering Center. The group hopes the tech invention may someday be used during a disaster.

"When we have an event, and we can't send in humans because it's a bad scene, these are the things that can make a difference and keep you out of harm's way," said Eric Meyhofer, who's part of the team working on robot.

The robot is equipped with cameras and sensors, and can travel in rough terrain. The team says the robot can also clear debris, and even grab a fire hose.

Engineers will show off the robot's skills during next week's competition. Whether they win or not, the group plans to keep working with the robot and enhancing its technology.

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