Hundreds of contract workers face layoffs at Cape Canaveral Air Force station

Sequester forces private contractors to make cuts

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Hundreds of workers face unemployment at the Cape Canaveral Air Force station after the federal government sequester has forced private contractors to cut jobs over the next few days.

The workers, which include electricians, mechanics and firemen, learned of the potential layoffs only a few days ago from union officials, who were told the military has issued "stop work" orders to many private contractors at the installation.

Dustin Rhoades, a firefighter at the station was only notified yesterday that he may be losing his job soon.

"I just bought a new house in October thinking I had a pretty secure job. And that's not the case. Just got my lay off notice," Rhoades said.

Union leaders hope that some workers will be relocated to other sites and that some employees can return once the impact of the sequester dies down. But even space shuttle workers are having a tough time finding work amid the cuts.

"I've had a couple interviews, but the money is not there," Brad Carlson, a former space shuttle worker, said. "They're being handcuffed because of the sequester."

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