Hurricane Irma clean up begins in Orange City

By Loren Korn - Reporter

ORANGE CITY, Fla. - Hurricane Irma storm debris clean up started on Wednesday in Orange City, but residents might not see a truck in their neighborhood right away because there's so much debris to remove.

"We only had some tree limbs, nothing on the house," resident Heather Hodge said.

It was a fairly easy clean up for the Hodge family this year.

"My husband and I did it within a day," Hodge said.

But just down the street on Holly Avenue, Tom Eidel was still cleaning up on Wednesday.

"I'm almost on 2 acres. There was brush everywhere," Eidel said.

Eidel lives in a house built in 1915.

"This is the 16th hurricane that this house has been through," he said.

The house hardly had any damage, but Eidel showed News 6 all the downed trees on his property.

"We took a palm tree on the side of the house. We had an old, old pecan split in half and take the back deck out," he said.

Mounds of debris line the sidewalk near his home.

"We took almost the whole city block to pick it up, cut it up and pull it out."

The city said contractors have 1,200 square miles to cover in West Volusia, so Eidel and his neighbors will have to wait patiently in line for their turn.

"There's a lot of other people that have priority than just to pick the debris up," Eidel said.

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