'Hypnobirthing' claims to lessen labor intensity

Recent reports claim Kate Middleton may use natural childbirth

By Julie Broughton - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - As the world waits for news of the royal baby's arrival, recent reports suggest Kate Middleton may use a natural childbirth technique called Hypnobirthing, that claims to lessen labor intensity through relaxation.

"After the first class, I felt really empowered because I know this is how my body is made to function to go through labor and deliver this child. Because I kind of knew what to expect, it was really empowering and kind of took away the fear," said Laura Cook, who gave birth just two weeks ago to baby Violet.

Cook jokes that she and Kate Middleton have gone through pregnancy together. She says she was excited about reports the Duchess may use Hypnobirthing.

Licensed Midwife Maggie McCarthy teaches the self-hypnosis technique out of her Winter Springs home.

"It's becoming more mainstream and a lot of people are opening their eyes to other forms of childbirth education and even childbirth education in general."

McCarthy says the key is to reprogram the brain to rely on intuition and to break the so-called "fear-tension-pain" cycle.

"Through relaxation, the body can release the endorphins that are given to us to work through the intensity of labor and without those endorphins, labor can become really horrible, and those endorphins can really only happen during a natural labor."

McCarthy tells Local 6 that about 80 percent of women who use Hypnobirthing achieve a drug free birth.

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