Informant returns to stand in Rilya case

Geralyn Graham accused of killing foster child Rilya Wilson

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MIAMI - One of the jailhouse informants returned to the stand in the case of a South Florida woman accused of killing 4-year-old foster child Rilya Wilson more than 10 years ago.

Prosecutors called Maggie Carr back to the stand Wednesday. Carr previously testified 67-year-old Geralyn Graham wasn't afraid of being charged with murder because she was confident the girl's body would never be found.

Carr was questioned about what she was wearing when Graham confessed to her. She had previously testified she was wearing prison blue.

"I did not get the red jumper until I got upstairs, sir," said Carr.

Prosecutors are expected to call back four more witnesses.

Before resting Tuesday, lawyers for Graham focused on attacking the credibility of three jailhouse informants who implicated Graham in the girl's killing.

Graham did not testify in her own defense but has insisted on her innocence. Rilya's body has never been found.

Closing arguments are expected next Tuesday.

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