Insurance adjusters out in force to estimate cost of Hurricane Irma repairs

Florida Farm Bureau reports 150 agents in field

By Mike Holfeld - Investigative Reporter

CENTRAL FLORIDA - Insurance agents have started the business of assessing the cost to repair hurricane and tornado battered properties across Central Florida.

Joyce Gosset, a long time Apopka resident, told News 6 Friday that her insurance company was quick to respond to her claim but she isn’t sure when she will get a check or how much the company will cover.

“This is my first claim, I’m a beginner at this,” Gosset said. “I mean, this was the worst thing we have ever gone through.”

Her two-story screened back porch was twisted and ripped away from her home, and concrete patio by a burst of energy she believes was the work of a tornado, not Hurricane Irma.

“About 2:30 in the morning I heard that ungodly sound that people always warn you about,”  Gosset said. ”Like a freight train coming through and that’s when I knew I was scared to death.”

The levels of damage vary from house to house from missing shingles to walls stained with water lines
left behind by flooding.

Derek Bowers of Gainesville based Florida Farm Bureau Insurance, told News 6 the company brought in adjusters from other states to handle the demand for adjusters.

“We’re trying to get our estimates written up as we see them. Kind of write them as we go and get checks out within a couple of days,” Bowers said.

No matter what company you are with, insurance experts suggest having several items ready before you call to file a claim:
· Your policy number
· Your contact information
· A description of damage
· Photos of damage
· Your mortgage company information

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance has set up a 24/7 claims hot line at 1-800-330-3327 or 866-275-7322

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