Insurance changes cause backups at Central Florida doctor's offices

ORLANDO, Fla. - If you're having trouble getting an appointment with your doctor, you're not alone.

Doctors offices across central Florida are packed as patients try to get in before the new year.

"I was able to get one so I was happy," said Rachel Dagan, who drove down from Tallahassee for her appointment at Eye Associates of Winter Park.

She said she is home from school, looking to use her insurance money to buy new frames before she loses it.

Office Manager Christy Copley says they're booked solid until January 3, and the waitlist to see a doctor before then is a mile long.

"A lot of people who have insurance, that's about to turn over, people who have flexible spending accounts- they're all trying to get in," she said.

Even foot doctors are running out of appointments. Dr. Gideon Lewis, a foot and ankle surgeon, has been in the operating room day and night.

He says several of his patients are getting their procedures done before the new year, because they are unsure how Obamacare will effect them.

"I think right now everyone understands their insurance plans or at least knowing there's changes, they're getting more educated on what their plan offers, however, next year, there's such a big question mark, that they're trying to get as much done on a plan that they're familiar with," he said.

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