Blood type diet combines food, exercise that's right for the user's blood type

Central Floridians happy with 'Eat Right For Your Type' diet

ORLANDO, Fla. - The doctor who created the Eat Right For Your Type diet and the Central Florida dieters who practice it say that users will feel better fast and get sick less. Combined with exercise that's right for the user's blood type, users should also lose weight.

"I think any time you start new and you're following a regiment and you're incorporating less processed foods and more exercise, you'll always feel better," clinical dietitian Pamela Legowski said.

Legowski deals with people and their diets, and she's very familiar with the "Blood Type Diet."

"It's an individualized approach, and that is something I really, really like," Legowski said.

Dr. Peter J D'Adamo created the idea of the diet and in 1996 published the book "Eat Right 4 Your Type."

The idea is based on blood types. If you're Type O, the theory is that your body thrives on animal proteins and intense exercise, so those with Type O should have a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. These people should eat meat, poultry and fish but cut out wheat, bread and most other grains.

"The ‘O' is kinda like an Atkins diet," Legowski said. "I think over the course of time, it might lead to high cholesterol."

Those with Type A blood should consider a vegetarian diet with high carbs low fat, soy, proteins and grains. These blood types should also focus on gentle exercise such as yoga or golf.

"If you're on an ‘A' diet and you're switching to the ‘O,' you're not going to be able to sustain that type of change for a long, long period of time," Legowski said.

The Type B diet allows the most options because of the tolerant digestive system a ‘B' person typically has. The diet involves low-fat dairy, meat and produce, but Type B people should avoid wheat and corn. They should also take up moderate exercise like swimming or walking.

Because the A-B blood type has a sensitive digestive tract, these dieters should avoid chicken, beef and pork and instead consume seafood, low-fat dairy and most produce. Calming exercise goes best with this diet.

"If you look for randomized control trials which are the gold standard in the medical community, there are none with this diet," Legowski said.

Kate Busby went on this diet more than 10 years ago and claims her life got better immediately.

"I was having trouble," Busby said. "I was marginally sick all of the time."

Now Busby is on the Type A diet, and her health is great.

"If you've had a hard time in your health, take a look at this," Busby said. "You can be a brand new person."

Rosalie Santiago always ate healthy and did what her doctor told her -- eat wheat products. But she was having a hard time losing weight. She started the Eat Right for Your Type diet, thinking that she'd give it a month to see what would happen.

With her Type-O diet, the pounds kept coming off, and Santiago went from a size 18 to eight in less than 10 months.

"I feel great," Santiago said in an email. "I was on blood pressure medication but I no longer need it. It has been so easy for me. I love to eat, but I eat only food on my highly beneficial list or my neutral list. I love myself now!"

D'Adamo says that this diet doesn't have to be as strict as others; he says that if users stick to it 70 percent of the time that they will see results.

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