FBI warns against web cam hacking

Easy prevention methods available

A webcam is now a customary feature of any laptop.

"You don't even have to look for it as a special feature anymore. It just comes with the computer," said Dan Ackerman, the senior editor for CNET.com.

But according to the FBI, this could be the gateway for a big danger.

"With the web cam comes the opportunity for people to use malicious software to control the web cam," Justin Vellese from the FBI.

Vellese said this software can turn on the web cam, turn it off and even turn off the light that indicates the web cam is on.

The FBI considers the crime cyberterrorism.

"It can grow exponentially, given the fact that this malware is readily available on the Internet to somebody with a limited amount of education. They don't have to be a computer programmer," said Vellese.

But Ackerman said laptop users can take precautions to prevent this hacking.

"Make sure your firewall is turned on at all times and you have your anti-virus, anti-malware apps running constantly," he said.

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