Items seized from Orlando abortion clinic after doctor's lawsuit

Orlando Women's Center doctor not paying $36M judgment ordered by jury

ORLANDO, Fla. - Collection agents have seized medical equipment from an Orlando abortion clinic after the doctor, who a court ruled must award one of his patients $36 million after she said he botched her abortion, hasn't paid his judgment.

Local 6 was there as the Orlando Women's Center's office, located behind the Orlando Regional Medical Center, had its examination tables and equipment moved away.

Lead Dr. James Pendergraft has made headlines over the years for having his license suspended by the state for allegedly performing illegal abortions.

A single mother sued Pendergraft in 2004 for medical malpractice after her baby was born with disabilities after she says Pendergraft botched an abortion. In 2011, a jury awarded the woman $36 million in damages, of which Pendergraft says he has paid less than $100,000.

"To hear Mr Pendergraft say that only 100-thousand dollars has gone towards this lawsuit is a sham," said Michelle Herzog, who says she's glad to see the clinic go.

Pendergraft said even though he is associated with the five abortion clinics in Central and South Florida, he doesn't own the property inside them, which he claims makes confiscating it illegal.

"We tried again to stop this from happening," he said. "There is a court order that basically gives them the right to come in and take everything inside this office except patient records."

The clinic is temporarily closed but as soon as they recover the equipment it will reopen. The doctor has another clinic in Orlando called the EPOC Center and are referring their clients to that location.

The child spoken about in the lawsuit is 12 years old and needs long-term care. Of the $36 million judgment half was for compensatory damages so the mother could afford to take care of the child.

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