Judge allows state to refer to George Zimmerman as 'vigilante,' 'wannabe cop'

SANFORD, Fla. - The judge in the George Zimmerman case ruled on Friday that the state can refer to Zimmerman a "vigilante" and "wannabe cop," along with saying Zimmerman confronted and profiled Trayvon Martin.

Judge Debra Nelson ruled, however, that the state cannot say Zimmerman racially profiled Martin.

The defense filed the motion regarding inflammatory language in hopes of barring the use of certain terms, such as "profiling," and "wannabe cop."

"We don't intend to say he (Trayvon Martin) was solely profiled by race," said state prosecutor John Guy, agreeing that they won't call Zimmerman a "self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain."

According to the evidence filed earlier this month, Zimmerman had applied to be a police officer in Prince William County in the Washington-metropolitan and was rejected. The state says Prince William County is in Maryland but the county doesn't appear to exist in the state, however, there is a Prince William County in Virginia.

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