Judge Belvin Perry calls Paula Deen apology sincere, dines at restaurant

Casey Anthony judge comments on Paula Deen racial-slur controversy

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ORLANDO, Fla. - The judge in the Casey Anthony trial says he believes Paula Deen's apology about the racial-slur controversy is sincere and dined at her restaurant in Savannah.

Local 6 has confirmed Judge Belvin Perry dined at Deen's restaurant The Lady and Sons on Saturday and told media that if he didn't think her apology was sincere he wouldn't be dining at her restaurant.

"I think Mrs. Deen acknowledged what she said was inappropriate many years ago, she apologized," Perry said in video obtained by Local 6. "I saw her heartfelt apology on the Today Show and personally I accepted it."

The Orange-Osceola chief judge was in Savannah for a family reunion over the weekend and said that many other people have used racial slurs, so why pick on Deen?

"Millions of people have said things they shouldn't have said Paula Deen is not the only one and people black white or purple say things they're not supposed to say," Perry said. "She gave a heartfelt apology and I accepted her apology and as far as I'm concerned it's over with and done."

Deen lost endorsements from Walmart, Smithfield Foods, Target, QVC, Home Depot, diabetes drug company Novo Nordisk, Caesars Palace and more after a video deposition leaked in June 2013 in which she admitted to using racial slurs in the past. Her contract with Food Network also was not renewed.

Perry may also be on TV by 2014 with a possible court show in the works.

"I am totally interested in doing a TV show, it's something that  I think I would like," Perry said on Saturday. "Millions of individuals have watched me, numerous people over the years have come up and said they think I should have my own TV show. Some have said they miss seeing me on TV."

Perry also commented on the Anthony verdict, in which she was acquitted in the death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony in July 2011.

"I was surprised at the verdict but look we ask jurors to do a duty they looked at it, they saw it a different way," Perry said. "That's our American system of justice."

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