Judge Denies Anthony Defense Motions

Anthony's Tattoo, Relationship History Can Be Used At Trial

ORLANDO - A judge has denied Casey Anthony's defense's motions to remove a slew of evidence from trial.

MOTIONS DENIED: Tattoo | Neighbor | MySpace

Judge Belvin Perry ruled Thursday that jurors will be allowed to see a tattoo that Anthony received days after her daughter, Caylee Anthony, disappeared.

Prosecutors will also be allowed to describe Anthony's history of lying and stealing from family members and mention her sexual relationship with her boyfriend at the time of Caylee's disappearance, Tony Lazzaro, who was never told that the 2-year-old was missing.

The defense wanted that testimony barred from trial, arguing that it would unfairly portray Anthony in a negative light.

Anthony, 24, is being held on no bond on first-degree murder charges at the Orange County Jail. Caylee's remains were found in a wooded area near the Anthony family home in December 2008. Her trial is set to begin May 9.

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