Jury in Brandon Bradley murder trial sees Brandon Bradley's interview with police

Man accused of shooting, killing Brevard County Deputy Barbara Pill

By Justin Warmoth - Anchor

VIERA, Fla. - The trial for the man accused of killing a Brevard County deputy resumed Wednesday after a four-day break.


In court Wednesday, jurors watched an interrogation conducted 8 hours after prosecutors say 24-year-old Brandon Bradley shot and killed Deputy Barbara Pill during a traffic stop in March of 2012.

The interview was between Bradley and Brevard County Sheriff's Agent Wayne Simock.

"What happened next," asked Simock.

"I shot," said Bradley.

"How many times did you shoot?" asked Simock.

Bradley replied, "Twice."

"Twice? OK, what kind of gun did you have," asked Simock.

"I can't tell you," responded Bradley.

That gun turned out to be a Glock, semi-automatic pistol according to crime lab analyst Amy Siewert.

Prosecutors say Pill didn't have time to get her gun out of her holster before Bradley shot her four times.

Bradley also confessed in the interrogation that he knew he had warrants out for his arrest and that he did not want to go back to jail.

"Did she actually get the gun out of the holster," asked Simock.

"She was trying to pull the gun out," Bradley replied.

"So, she was trying to, but she didn't actually get the gun out, did she," asked Simock.

Bradley replied, "No."

Jurors also heard from Dr. Sajid Qasier, Chief Medical Examiner for Brevard County. He did the autopsy on Pill and testified that one shot to Pill's head was from less than two feet away.

Jurors were also shown graphic pictures Qasier took of Pill's deceased body.

The state is expected to rest its case Thursday.

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