Jury Panel Background Info

Juror No. 1Sex: FemaleAge: Approximately 65 years oldEthnicity: WhiteOccupation: Retired former nurseMarital Status: MarriedChildren: 2 children, 3 grandchildrenJuror No. 2Sex: MaleAge: Approximately 40 years oldEthnicity: BlackOccupation: County information technology workerMarital Status: MarriedChildren: 2Juror No. 3Sex: FemaleAge: 32Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: Nursing studentMarital Status: SingleChildren: NoneJuror No. 4Sex: FemaleAge: Approximately 40 years oldEthnicity: BlackOccupation: UnknownMarital Status: SingleChildren: NoneJuror No. 5Sex: FemaleAge: Approximately 70 years oldEthnicity: WhiteOccupation: Retired hospital workerMarital Status: DivorcedChildren: ThreeJuror No. 6Sex: MaleAge: 33Ethnicity: White Occupation: ChefMarital Status: MarriedChildren: 2Juror No. 7Sex: FemaleAge: 41Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: Child welfare administrative assistantMarital Status: DivorcedChildren: NoneJuror No. 8Sex: FemaleAge: Approximately 50 years oldEthnicity: WhiteOccupation: Verizon service repMarital Status:MarriedChildren:2Juror No. 9Sex: MaleAge: 53Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: UnemployedMarital Status:SingleChildren:NoneJuror No. 10Sex: MaleAge: 57Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: Verizon retention specialistMarital Status:UnknownChildren:NoneJuror No. 11Sex: MaleAge: Late 30sEthnicity: WhiteOccupation: High school P.E. teacherMarital Status:SingleChildren:NoneJuror No. 12Sex: FemaleAge: Approximately 60 years oldEthnicity: WhiteOccupation: Part-time Publix employeeMarital Status:MarriedChildren:2 children, 1 young grandchildAlternates

Alternate 1Sex: FemaleAge: 48Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: Surgical technicianMarital Status: MarriedChildren: 2Alternate 2Sex: MaleAge: 40sEthnicity: WhiteOccupation: High school teacherMarital Status: MarriedChildren: 1 Alternate 3Sex: FemaleAge: 37Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: Cashier at car dealershipMarital Status: WidowedChildren: 1 Alternate 4Sex: MaleAge: 25Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: CarpenterMarital Status: SingleChildren: NoneAlternate 5Sex: MaleAge: 39Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: Water plant worker Marital Status:Married Children:None

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