K-9s hired to search family homes for drugs

Parents pay for proof, peace of mind

ORLANDO, Fla. - Parents know their kids have plenty of ways to obtain illegal drugs and just as many places to hide the stuff.

A recent survey by the Substance abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows that an estimated 22.5 million Americans aged 12 or older were current illicit drug users.

The survey found the most popular drug appears to be marijuana but the use of cocaine, heroin and pain killers is still part of the teen landscape.

In fact , 60 percent of high school students surveyed said drugs are sold, used or stashed at school.

Now private companies are offering what amounts to a K-9 house call to sweep every corner of a a school or home to find illegal substances including; marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy.

Where teens hide it depends on the kind of drug and the amount being stashed away.

Chris Corpora Director of the K-9 Division of USAMDT K9 Drug Search says his service gives parents proof with privacy. Corpora, a certified K-9 handler, says the company is "here to educate not incarcerate."

With his German Shepherd, Tina, leading the way, Corpora shots out commands checking laundry baskets, sneakers and counter tops.

The former body guard has spent  30 years in the security business. He's convinced the service can make a difference in helping families before it's too late.
When the K-9 hits on a scent Corpora says " We don't know the exact drug it is, we just know the drug is either there or was there."

Corpora has conducted drug sweeps for families and small businesses across Central Florida.

His company charges $199 to sweep an 1,800 square foot home. He can be reached at ccorpora@usamdt.com

The top ten drug hiding places, according to TestCountry.com include:

  1. Highlighters or pens
  2. Lip gloss or lipstick
  3. Cars
  4. Pens or pen holders (You can also check compact mirrors for traces of cocaine.)
  5. Underneath toilet tanks
  6. Candy wrappers
  7. Belt buckles
  8. Behind posters
  9. Inside socks
  10. In game consoles

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