Kate Upton Mercedes Super Bowl ad causing stir

New commercial features Upton "washing" car

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Kate Upton.  Sports Illustrated image.

Kate Upton's "leaked" Super Bowl commercial is already sparking controversy before it's even aired.

The new Mercedes-Benz CLA ad shows Upton wearing cut-off shorts and a black tank top "washing" the new car while a group of males stare slack-jawed at her. Technically, the guys are washing the car while Upton struts slowly past and never actually touches the vehicle.


The commercial has swept through social media and the Internet, with the video already receiving millions of views.

One group condemns the ad for using Upton's sex appeal to promote the car. "This ad [reinforces] for millions of wives, daughters and sisters across the country that you use your sex appeal to get what you want," a spokeswoman for the Parents Television Council said. "If anything, this ad proves that we've regressed rather than progressed over the last several years."

Although reports were that the video was "leaked" before its air date on Feb. 3, Mercedes-Benz posted it themselves on YouTube.

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