Kathleen Sebelius visits Orlando to discuss health care website

Site supposed to be fixed by end of month

ORLANDO, Fla. - The Obama administration's top health official is visiting Miami and Orlando to talk up the Affordable Care Act as fallout from the new law grows.

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius visited Florida on Tuesday to discuss website enrollment. At Florida Technical College, Sebelius answered tough questions about the site.

"The error rate is less than one percent now," Sebelius said. "We think about 8 out of 10 users can successfully navigate it."

Sebelius said 23 percent of Floridians don't have a policy from HealthCare.Gov and she hopes they will visit the improved site before the looming deadline, Dec. 15.

Sebelius and Obama have repeatedly apologized for a dismal launch of healthcare.gov, which consumers in 36 states were supposed to use beginning on Oct. 1 to sign up for coverage. The website is so riddled with problems that the administration disclosed earlier this week that fewer than 27,000 signups have been completed.

But Republicans noted that figure is dwarfed by the flood of health policy cancellations issued due to the law.

The website is supposed to be working for most people by the end of the month.

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