Kids start wishing tree in front yard

Blank tags begin to bloom into wishes from neighbors, strangers

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

PORTLAND, Oregon - A tree in Portland is decorated year-round thanks to a clever mom.

Last fall, Nicole Helprin came up with the idea to make a wishing tree with her kids, who had complained that they were bored. 

"I decided we were going to create a wishing tree and so we each made a wish we put it on, we made a sign, we put out some tags and that was it," Helprin told KGW-TV.

After a few days, the blank tags on the tree began to bloom into heartfelt, fun and clever wishes by neighbors and strangers.

One tag wished for a cure for cancer, while another hoped to become a mermaid.

The wishing tree has made its imprint on the neighborhood block, and already has Helprin planting new craft ideas.

"We have a second one," Helprin said. "I'm like, 'What should I do with that one?' Maybe it'll be a different topic."

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