Kissimmee man did liposuction procedures without license, investigators say

Agents raid Kissimmee clinic, arrest man

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - A Kissimmee man was arrested Thursday after investigators say he was performing liposuction procedures without a medical license.

Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents raided the clinic, at 1056 East Osceola Parkway on Thursday and arrested Mariano Ugarriza-Fuentes on two counts of practicing medicine without a license.

According to reports, Ugarriza-Fuentes was dressed in surgical scrubs when he told undercover agents about "Lipo Sculpture," how he gave local anesthesia to his patients and after 48 hours they were able to return to work.

The arrest comes after a year-long investigation that started with a complaint to the state department of health.

"I wasn't expecting this because I know them for a long time, and like I'm telling you- I respect them, they're very polite and very decent persons, so I don't think this is true," said Dini Ortiz, who visits the clinic for massages.

MBI agents say Ugarriza-Fuentes was licensed to practice medicine in Colombia.

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