Lake County middle school gay club sparks proposed ban on clubs

Request for Gay/Straight Alliance Club causes controversy

LEESBURG, Fla. - Lake County School Board is proposing to ban all clubs, rather than allow a support club for gay students at a middle school.

The proposal to restrict general clubs started after a 14-year-old student asked for a Gay/Straight Alliance Club at Carver Middle School.

Lake County School Board member Bill Mathias says the primary goal of the school board is to educate middle school students so only curriculum based clubs should be allowed.

Mathias said in high school, all clubs are allowed.

But Equality Florida member Michael Farmer says the school board is banning clubs across the board in middle school to avoid allowing a Gay/Straight Alliance Club.

Mathias said that's not true.

The school board attorney is working on the proposal and the school board will vote again on Monday.

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