Lake County school bus driver faces termination

Bernita Blake caught talking on phone while driving bus

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - A Lake County school bus driver faces possible termination after she was caught talking on the phone while driving.

According to Lake County Schools spokesman Christopher Patton, Bernita Blake is up for a vote of termination during Monday night's school board meeting.

Blake was caught on school bus cameras talking on her cell phone while driving, Patton said.

Earlier in the year Blake was caught driving 71 mph in her school bus. She was disciplined, but was allowed to keep her job.

The district has GPS monitors to track the drivers' speed regularly. The bus cameras are also monitored.

Blake kept her job after being arrested back in 2004 by the Lake County Sheriff's Office on charges of grand theft and petit theft. She was allowed to keep her job at the district, because the charges stemmed from a separate job she had servicing vending machines, where she was accused of skimming profits.

In 2004, Florida statutes only required a district employee be terminated if certain criminal charges involved children. Since then, the district has tightened its own policies beyond what's required by Florida statutes. Someone arrested on similar charges today would be terminated, Patton said, but Blake was grandfathered in.

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