Lake Mary woman finds creepy surprise in bargain fridge

Pre-owned refrigerator crawling with roaches, customer says

LAKE MARY, Fla. - A Lake Mary woman tells Local 6 she got a horrific surprise when she brought home a slightly used high-end refrigerator she bought at a local appliance store.

Shelly Swift, of Lake Mary, said she bought a used stainless steel refrigerator from Global Appliance Liquidators off Forsyth Road and said hours after she plugged it in, she discovered the refrigerator was crawling with German cockroaches.

"I don't think I signed on for cockroach hotel," she said. "Who asks somebody to open up the back of a refrigerator or the inside of a washer or dryer, or says, 'Can I see where the engine compartment is of this appliance?'"

Swift says the roaches have now infested her home. The fridge was two years old and she bought it for $900.

"Big, beautiful stainless steel, French-door refrigerator, great deal," she said. "I was ecstatic when I picked it up."

Company officials told Local 6 the roaches were already in Swift's house before the fridge was delivered. A manager at the Appliance Liquidators, said Swift had the refrigerator for 30 days before making a complaint, and though there was evidence of roaches when it was brought back, he said the appliance was roach-free when it left the lot.

The company has since taken the fridge back and has offered Swift store credit.

"I bought something that was a nightmare from you, last thing I want is another nightmare," Swift said.

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