Lake Nona High School students upset after clubs left out of yearbook

Principal says addendum to yearbook will feature band, chorus, performing arts

LAKE NONA, Fla. - Lake Nona High School students were surprised to find out when opening their yearbooks that their arts groups were left out of the book, while sports teams were featured.

The 2012-2013 school yearbook was missing sections for the performing arts, the marching band and chorus. Other clubs and organizations, including sports teams, appeared to be in the yearbook.

Band captain Tracy Cleary said she got her yearbook and was disappointed to find her band page missing in the club section.

"I saw the drama page and I was like 'oh, where's the band page, there's always a band page,'" Cleary told Local 6 on Tuesday. "I just was sad.  It's a disappointment."

Cleary, who earned a band scholarship to Stetson University, said she was so disappointed she was reluctant to tell her parents.

"My first response was to be absolutely shocked," said mother Lisa Macon. "I couldn't believe it.  I went through it several times."

"It's kind of disappointing that we're not in here at all," Cleary added. "It's like we were erased from the school."

Local 6 contacted school administrators and the the principal acknowledged there was an error in the production process, but there was no deliberate intent to exclude anyone or any group from the yearbook.

The principal tells Local 6 there will be an addendum to the yearbook that will include the missing pages. No date has been set for when that addendum would be ready.

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