Last-minute Thanksgiving shoppers pack stores

Security guards watch over HoneyBaked Ham stores

ORLANDO, Fla. - Stores across Central Florida were packed Wednesday night and Thursday night  as last minute Thanksgiving shoppers stocked up before the holiday.

HoneyBaked Ham stores were so busy armed security guards were brought in to keep the peace for the past three days.

Reggie Berry was guarding the HoneyBaked Ham store on East Colonial Drive in Orlando.

"Hopefully we don't have to use any force, but we're here," said Berry.

"But hey, you never know, it's a holiday. You know, better to be safe than sorry," said customer Maria Jeffery.

For many last-minute customers, their biggest concern was just getting their hands on a ham.

"Well, I just rushed all the way here from Lake Mary to get a HoneyBaked Ham," said Lakenya Jones. "We got here and she's like, 'Do you have a reservation?' I'm like, 'Uh no.' They said they're down to nothing so they have nothing left."

Across town at Tomasino's pizzeria, fresh out of the oven pizzas were boxed up and sliced at record pace.

In fact, according to Pizza Marketplace, the day before Thanksgiving is the fourth busiest day of the year for pizzerias nationwide, right behind the Superbowl, New Years Eve and Halloween.

"Cause people just don't want to cook cause they're going to cook tomorrow so they just get a lot of pizza," said Dona Rexaja, a Tomasino's employee.

Meanwhile, 'Black Friday' shoppers packed the K-Mart on Orlando Avenue in Winter Park Thursday to get a jump start on shopping. Some of the deals offered up were a 32-inch flat screen for $97 and a 42-inch TV for $199.

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