Lawmakers expect to pass law banning texting while driving

Local woman campaigns for law passage

Florida lawmakers are pushing to make texting while driving illegal with a law that is expected to pass later this week. 

The law would be a secondary offense, meaning you would have to get pulled over for something else first, like speeding, or not buckling your seatbelt. Then the officer would have to prove that the driver was texting.

The law only allows you to text at a stoplight and allows you to talk or use your GPS while you're driving.

If caught texting while driving, it's a $30 fine and no points on your driver's license.

Karen Jones of says it's a start to keeping drivers from texting and driving.

"Hoping it can grow from there," Jones said. "At least there will be something, because right now it's nothing."

Jones said she started her campaign to battle the almost 5,000 crashes in just the last year, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

"We have a friend of ours who lost their father on a bicycle, someone was using the cell phone and not paying attention, swerved and hit him on his bicycle," she said.

Florida is one of the five states left without any sort of texting and driving law on the books.

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