Legoland offers job to South Florida lifeguard fired for saving man

Water park GM offers job to Tomas Lopez, fellow lifeguards

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - Legoland's General Manager has offered a position at the water park to the South Florida lifeguard who was fired last week after saving a swimmer in distress outside his designated area on Hallandale Beach.

According to a release, General Manager Adrian Jones issued an open letter to Tomas Lopez offering him a position at Legoland's new water park. Jones said after learning of the lifeguard's story, he knew Lopez was a model citizen.

"Your quick-thinking and life-saving skills demonstrated last week prove that you would be an excellent addition to our team," Jones wrote in the letter. Legoland calls their employees "model citizens, meaning they do whatever it takes to maintain the safety of park guests.

Lopez was fired shortly after on grounds he'd broken a company rule by leaving his section of the beach. His brother and another lifeguard were also fired after they said they too would have left their post to rescue a person outside of their section. Another lifeguard also quit in support of Lopez's decision.

"We would also like to extend this offer of employment to your fellow lifeguards who quit their jobs in support of you," Jones wrote. "We would be honored to welcome you and your fellow brave lifeguards onto the LEGOLAND Florida team."

It's not clear if Lopez or his fellow lifeguards will take the job.

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