Living voter declared dead twice by office of elections

Woman cut twice from state, county voter rolls

COLLEGE PARK, Fla. - The Orange County deputy supervisor of elections says the mistake has been corrected locally, but Connie Smith worries she could be killed off again since this is the second time she's been put on the death list.

"I thought to myself that I can not believe I have to go through this again," Constance Smith, 61, said Wednesday.

Smith is indeed alive and well even though the state and Orange County election officials keep removing her from voter rolls because they think she's dead.

"I looked at the letter and thought this is identical to the one I got four years ago and I cried," Smith said.

Last Friday Smith received the devastating letter from election officials stating they were notified of her death.

Unfortunately it's becoming a familiar mistake for Smith, who got a similar letter from the elections office in 2008.

"There was another Constance S. Smith in Miami with the exact same date of birth who died four years ago," Smith said.

She said that mistake took nearly five months to clear up and fears the latest error could take just as long.

Smith said a few weeks ago the elections office sent her a request to update her signature, she complied and then requested an absentee ballot.

"My absentee ballot came Friday as well along with the notice of my death ...There is something wrong with the system that this happens more than once," Smith said.

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The Orange County deputy supervisor said it is not clear how this error happened, but was told it could have been initiated by the Social Security Administration.

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