Local 6 finds Central Florida students posting risky challenges online

Deltona High School students did challenges while at school, officials say

DELTONA, Fla. - Nine Deltona High School students spent part of a recent school day posting dangerous challenges on YouTube after attempting to ingest cinnamon and using an eraser on their bare skin until it bled.

Local 6 contacted the Volusia County School District after spotting the video posts on YouTube this week. Officials with Volusia County schools said they were unaware of the posts until Local 6 contacted them.

After reviewing the video, school officials confirmed the challenges took place on campus during lunch period on the school's south court.

Nancy Wait, a spokesperson for Volusia County Schools said the school district took immediate action.

"For the students we could identify, we referred them to a school counselor and called their parents." Wait said.

The students were not expelled but did meet with the campus police officer.

Wait says no one stepped in to stop the students because they "weren't calling attention to themselves" or causing a disruption.

The challenges are part of a national trend spurred by YouTube and Instagram posts.

Dr. Amy Hall, the school district's psychology and counseling specialist says, social media, Facebook and the Internet has only heightened awareness of the dares.

"To them this is cool it allows me to be popular, I fit in," she said.

Hall says parents need to "have a dialogue" with their children and look at the sites the kids are watching.

One of the most popular challenges is "Salt and Ice."

The video posts show kids placing salt on their skin. Then the student places an ice cube on top of the salt causing a chemical reaction that burns the skin much like frostbite.

12-year-old Maddie Jones says her first experience with a challenge was something called "Chubby Bunny."

In this challenge kids will stuff a marshmallow in their mouth and say "chubby bunny." They continue the sequence until their mouth is filled with marshmallows.

Jones says the record is 16 or 20. She was able to handle four marshmallows.

"It was stupid" she said.

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