Local 6 Special: Surviving the Storms

Station meteorologists urge caution during hurricane season

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Local 6 meteorologists take an in-depth look at the 2012 hurricane season and shows viewers what to expect and how to prepare. You can watch the Surviving the Storms special, divided up by segments, at the links below.

  • SEGMENT 1: Hurricane Andrew: 20 years later
    Hurricane Andrew tore into Miami in late August 1992 and killed 40 people and left $25 billion of damages in his wake. The category five storm exposed flaws in forecasting models as well as the state's building code. Tom Sorrells explores what improvements have been made since Andrew, what conditions would have to exist to create a storm like that again. Elizabeth Hart explains a new innovation that can change the way the world recovers from natural disasters.

  • SEGMENT 2: The people who predict storms
    The National Hurricane Center is the first line of defense when a storm threatens and they rely on information from a group of men and women who fly directly into the storms. Tom Sorrells tours the NHC to show how their forecasting and warning systems work. Elizabeth Hart profiles three Central Florida residents who fly with the Hurricane Hunters.
  • SEGMENT 3: Perception and preparation
    The University of Florida is trying to determine if people's perception of hurricanes leads to their decisions about how well they prepare. Julie Broughton covers new research being done regarding hurricane conditions and the reactions of people exposed to them. Troy Bridges talks to a local man who considers himself a "professional prepper."

  • SEGMENT 4:Preparing parts of your home
    Simple things like cutting back tree limbs and cleaning out your gutters can make a huge difference. Troy Bridges rides long with a tree trimming crew to go over the proper techniques for pruning, and reveals an affordable solution to keeping water from leaking through your roof during a storm.
  • SEGMENT 5: New tools for prediction
    Storm surge is the number one killer during hurricane season, so the National Hurricane Center is developing new ways to warn people about water threats. Tom Sorrells explored that new push. Troy Bridges highlights the new weather system tools available at Local 6 this hurricane season.
  • SEGMENT 6: Hurricane season in a brave new world
    Social Media and the Internet are increasingly important sources of information during storms. Tom Sorrells explains how everyone's interactions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube could help forecasters. Julie Broughton gives a tour of Hurricane Headquarters on ClickOrlando.com and JustWeather.com.

You can also visit the Hurricane Headquarters for more information.

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