Local 6 teams with police to target school-zone speeders

Speed checkpoints based on Local 6 viewer tips

ORLANDO, Fla. - Local 6 investigative reporter Mike Holfeld is teaming up with Orange County sheriff's deputies to investigate potential school zone speeding trouble spots.

The effort comes following the strong response from viewers following a Friday 11 p.m. special report that caught violators on tape at a  speed zone check point at Rouse Road near State Road 408.

Deputies ticketed 12 drivers who topped the posted 20 mph school zone speed limit at the Rouse Road location.

Violators were clocked on radar going 30 to 50 mph.  They were hit with fines ranging from $300 to $1,000.

Local 6 viewer Al Beasley said the investigation is badly needed, citing schools near Curry Road and Chickasaw as a potential trouble spot for school zone speeders.

"I applaud your story on school zones and it is way overdue and needs to be highlighted often," Beasley said.   "I have noticed that no matter where the school zone is, people blow through them as if they do not exist."

Beasley noted that drivers "charge up to the actual crossing, heavy brake down to the posted reduced limit at the crosswalk itself, then take off as soon as they cross over it."

Local 6 viewer Sue Blackwell  says Park Avenue in Apopka is a speed zone problem.

"There are three schools right together that have lots of speeders every day," Blackwell said.  "I see them fly through the school zones every day; they pass the ones going 20 miles an hour all the time," she said.

Viewers across Central Florida are asking for  speed checkpoints at several locations, including Belle Terre Elementary School in Palm Coast, Fairglen Elementary School on U.S. 1 in Cocoa and Horizon Elementary School in Port Orange.

If you have a speed zone you would like Local 6 to check, you can send an email to mholfeld@wkmg.com.

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