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September 17, 2013

Aloha Time Shares

Aloha from Theme World. Disney made official something that has been in the rumor rumblings for months now. Get ready for a shock. Disney is adding Vacation Club timeshares to another resort. This time -- they announced construction has started at Disney's Polynesian Resort -- one of the 1971 originals that is beloved by Disney fans.

What IS unusual here is that Disney is acknowledging construction as construction starts. Both the Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort and the soon-to-open Grand Floridian Vacation Club units were more than half-finished before Disney admitted they existed.

The reason? Announcements of new units could deter people from buying what's already out there. Disney's low-key press release is below. You'll see it is short on specifics. But thanks to documents filed with the state, I can tell you a little bit.

Current plans call for a bunch of bungalows and a boardwalk to be built along the beach and waterfront.
Additionally, it is believed at least 1 and probably 2 of the existing buildings will be turned into time shares, much as some of the priciest places at Animal Kingdom Lodge were turned into DVC Units.
Look for heavy construction at the Poly from now through 2015. And yes, that will mean changes large and small to the existing resort, including the Great Ceremonial House.  Those changes should become clear soon.

When this project is done, ALL of the Deluxe Disney resorts will have DVC wings. Where will it pop up next?  I've heard projects are being considered from Ft. Wilderness to Epcot.   But Disney is running out of places to put one of its biggest money makers.  How long 'til we see DVC All Stars?

I kid. I think. For more rumors on what will and won't come to the Poly --  click here for the Facebook page of "Tikiman." He broke news of DVC coming to the Polynesian 2 years ago -- and knows long before anyone else when ANYTHING changes at the resort.

Tomorrow I promise to get back on track with Universal. And there are some exciting things on the way. 

Keep your emails, questions, tips and comments coming! I always appreciate the feedback.

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As promised, here's Disney's press release:

Disney Vacation Club Announces New Development Project at Disney's Polynesian Resort
Disney Vacation Club will have three resorts along the monorail system
Celebration, Fla. (Sept. 17, 2013) - Today, Disney Vacation Club announced that its planned next location will be at Disney's Polynesian Resort, located on Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World Resort. When this resort is completed, Disney Vacation Club will have destinations at all three resorts on the monorail system, allowing easy access to Magic Kingdom Park....
The planned development project at Disney's Polynesian Resort, when completed, will join Disney Vacation Club's 12 other properties, including The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, scheduled to open Oct. 23. Construction on the Polynesian project began this month, and completion is estimated to be in 2015. In addition to the Disney Vacation Club project, other guest areas within Disney's Polynesian Resort will undergo refurbishment. More information and project details will be shared at a later date.
Disney Vacation Club debuted in October 1991 with a flexible, vacation point-based model rather than the traditional fixed-week timeshare model. Disney Vacation Club is approaching a total of 200,000 member families from all 50 states and approximately 100 countries who have discovered the joys of membership.
Disney Vacation Club members are able to choose from among a variety of vacation destinations, including a stay at any Disney Vacation Club Resort or at more than 500 other destinations around the world, and when they purchase directly from Disney, members also can take trips on one of the Disney Cruise Line ships or guided vacations with Adventures by Disney. Additionally, vacations at a Disney Vacation Club Resort can last from one night to several weeks.
For more information about Disney Vacation Club, visit www.disneyvacationclub.com  

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