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By Ken Pilcher - Producer
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May 6, 2013

May the Hoax be with you

Greetings from Theme World -- We kick off the week with a lesson on being careful with what you believe on the internet.

I take you back to Saturday -- where tens of  thousands of Star Wars fans turned out at Disney's Hollywood Studios for "May the Fourth be With You."

While fans apparently ate up the special merchandise, meet & greets, & dance parties -- many were also set up for a let down. You see -- early Saturday afternoon -- Twitter went wild with tweets like "It has been confirm by 2 of my Guest Relations manager friends that Bob Iger is here for a Announcement before the fireworks" -- and "I have a CM friend who tells me Iger will be speaking at 9:45!"

Other tweets claimed George Lucas himself was in the park with Iger. Quickly buzz built that a Star Wars land was going to be announced. Anticipation grew throughout the evening.

And what happened? Fireworks. That's it. A special fireworks show (previously announced and seen below). No announcement. No nothing.


But to be fair to Disney -- there were never any plans to announce anything -- it was all some kind of either purposeful hoax -- or fan wish that spread virally online.

While I have no doubts Imagineering will add more Star Wars attractions worldwide (and Disneyland Paris may be up first if rumors are to be believed) it is way too soon for anything to be announced. There is a more than solid chance whatEVER is coming next  to Disney's Hollywood Studios will be revealed at August's D23 Convention. We'll keep you posted. But even if a Star Wars land isn't coming yet,  the news is not all grim for Star Wars fans.
Star Wars Weekends return soon. As in May 17th soon.

And there is a new must-have collectible. Last year -- you could have your face put on a figure frozen in carbonite (ala Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back). This year you can also turn yourself into a stormtrooper for $99.95 + tax & shipping.

Here's a link to more information.

We'll have a lot more this week from Theme World -- including big construction updates.

Keep your emails, questions, and comments coming! I always appreciate hearing from you.

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See you in the parks!

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