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April 26, 2012

New Disney Parade & Magic Makeover  

As predicted the "Big" announcement at Epcot -- was really all about the Magic Kingdom. But it made for a great visual.

To launch the "Monstrous Summer Celebration" -- Disney will hold another 24-hour party at the Magic Kingdom May 24th (Memorial Day weekend).
 To announce it -- Imagineers projected Mike Wazowski onto Spaceship Earth.
 Below -- official Disney video of Mike -- and what it took to make it happen.



Hmmm. There's something ELSE happening on May 24th. I wonder if that played a role.

In other Disney announcements: as predicted -- a major makeover was announced for the Disney Magic. (But not the Wonder) I misread the tea leaves slightly. The Magic isn't getting an AquaDuck Water Coaster (from the Dream & Fantasy) but something new -- the AquaDUNK.

Disney calls it  "a three-story body slide that begins with a surprise launch. Riders step inside a translucent tube and await the near-vertical launch that takes place when the floor beneath them opens like a trap door. The drop sends guests on an exhilarating, swift and splashy ride in a translucent tube that extends 20 feet over the side of the ship."
For Younger guests -- there is the AquaLab water playground....

featuring a toddler splash area -- and the Twist n' Spout water slide.

Younger cruisers 3-12 will enjoy the newest addition to the Oceaneering Club -- the first integration of  Marvel into any of the cruise ships or theme parks -- the Avengers Academy.

Disney says "Young crime-fighters will be transported to a high-tech command post used by The Avengers for special missions and operations training.
Throughout the base, displays featuring some of the equipment that helps to make The Avengers the earth's mightiest heroes - Iron Man's suit of armor, Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer - inspire super hero "recruits" through their academy missions."

For me the change that hits hard is the big revamp of The Magic's Lobby.
Here's what it looks like now.

So Long Chihuly glass chandelier in the grand atrium. In it's place -- BLING!

You'll see the famous Mickey statue is still there -- with a bit of a makeover. and moved a little to the side for better traffic flow. As I mentioned earlier - -the Magic's restaurants are all getting upgrades/makeovers as well.

Here's a video showing off all of the Magic changes.


The news I was not expecting to come out today will bring a breath of fresh air to the Magic Kingdom. The First Real NEW Day Parade there in 13 years is on the way.

You may recall "Share a Dream Come True" debuted in 2001 -- in honor of the 100 Year Anniversary of Walt Disney's birth.
It started with a suspiciously "Walt looking" animator leading the way.

 Fans dubbed it the "Snow Globe" parade -- and yes, Disney sold replicas of the parade floats.

I always thought Mickey looked like he needed to come up for air -- and apparently so did the parade performers.
The bubbles popped off for the slightly revamped "Disney Dreams Come True" parade in 2006.
Here's what the same Mickey Float looks like in the current version of the parade:

"Celebrate a Dream Come True" debuted in 2009. But come Fall -- the parade goes down so parts can be cannibalized and new floats built for The "Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade". Which is being created by legendary Disney Showman Steve Davison -- who created the MK's Wishes fireworks show -- and dozens of other spectaculars worldwide.
Here's the concept art for "Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade"

It debuts Spring 2014 --- around the same time The Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster wraps up the Fantasyland expansion.
 Here's my link to yesterday's hard hat tour of the coaster.

That's it for today.  Thanks for the feedback. Please keep emailing me your questions, tips and more. And tomorrow I will be out at  the "Things to Do in Florida" expo at the Seminole Town Center Mall. 

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See you in the parks -- more next week.

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