Local 6 viewer moves concrete barrier blocking Edgewater woman's driveway

Woman believes someone intentionally dropped concrete barrier to harass her

EDGEWATER, Fla. - A volunteer reached out on Wednesday to help a woman who returned home Saturday to find a concrete barrier blocking access to her driveway. Volusia County deputies are investigating who may have put it there.

Local 6 first reported on the incident at Nancy Kennedy's home on Lin Gina Terrace, a private dirt road near Edgewater, Tuesday.

Marvin Corbin said after he saw Kennedy's story on Local 6 he was inspired to drive more than an hour and a half from his home to help her on Wednesday.

Corbin is with the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief, an organization that typically lends a hand during hurricanes and floods.

"We're glad to do things like this," Corbin said. "That's why the Lord has provided us with the equipment to come in and help people that aren't able to do it themselves."

Corbin said it would have cost Kennedy about $2,000 to hire someone to move the barrier.

"The people who did this obviously weren't Christian people because you don't hurt people like this," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said she suspects the culprit who placed the concrete block in her driveway is one of her neighbors with whom she has had a long running feud, but that neighbor told Local 6 he didn't know who did it.

"I don't have enough words to say how grateful I am to you," said Kennedy as Corbin loaded the cement on to the flatbed trailer.

Kennedy said she's installing surveillance cameras in case someone tries to harass her again.

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