Local 6 viewers question safety of 'Youth Pill'

Florida distributor says clinical testing of Product B underway

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Product B, the supplement that promises to deliver "Telomere support" and in theory extend cell life, has sparked plenty of debate since Local 6 first aired the story about the natural supplement Monday night.

Local 6 viewers who weighed in on the supplement are split on its safety and efficacy.

Gunter Wistenbrokker wrote: "Oh goody, I want to extend the life of my telomeres..hmmm...what does that actually do? Oh, give me 'whole body cancer' in six months?"

JUANNITO wrote: " More "Snake oil"? Sounds just like Mona vie. Just what we need is more 'get into my pocket' and make someone else rich quick pyramid schemes."

Product B is the star attraction of Isagenix, an Arizona based multi-marketing company, that offers several health and diet products.

The latest version of the supplement was introduced in August ,at an Isagenix convention held in Las Vegas.

Dr. William Anderson, a Ph.D. in genetics proclaimed the 3rd generation of Product B to be "better" than the previous version.

Anderson ,who was featured in Popular Science as "The Man who would Stop Time," is developing a combination of vitamins and plant extracts he hopes will activate telomerase, the enzyme that prolongs the life of telomeres.

Anderson told "Popular Science Magazine" his mission is to extend human life to 120 years "or die trying."

So far, researchers say reports of the effects of Product B have been promising.
Dr. Robert Watine, a board certified specialist in internal medicine in Port Charlotte, says he has documented medical data from 400 patients all presenting with" improved health" after talking Product B.

Phil Zulli, a Florida distributor of the Isagenix line confirmed two "prestigious" clinical studies are underway to investigate the efficacy of Product B.

"When completed next year, we expect them(clinical studies) to fully validate the action of Product B™ in the human body," he said.

For more information go to: http://thebuzz.isagenix.com/us/en/aedp_productb.html

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