Local company fixes up Orlando Academy of Autism's vandalized fountain

Landscaping company donates services after bronze statues destroyed

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Central Florida landscaping company is helping a school for autistic children fix up their fountain after it was vandalized last week.

Harrison Lewis was charged with stealing the bronze statues from the fountain at the Orlando Academy of Autism, cutting them into pieces and selling them to fuel his drug habit, according to authorities.

Jerry Bachand of Carol King Landscaping said he we heard the story, he decided to help the school fix up the fountain.

"I said the least we could do, we have a landscape company, let's go down there and fix it up for them," Bachand said.

Bachand's crews worked all day on Friday filling the fountain with flowers and trying to fix up the fountain that was adorned with bronze figurines of children at play.

"I think it's awesome. we need more people like him to make a difference," said Angelica Small, who works at the school.

School starts back in a few weeks and Small says she thought she'd struggle explaining to the students why someone would steal from them.

"Everybody knows that there's good and bad. So something bad happened and something good happened after," she said.

The work the landscaping company donated would have cost several hundred dollars, but Bachund said doing a right to fix a wrong is priceless.

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