Remember this ‘kitten’? She’s all grown up and in the wild

Bobcat released by Creature Safe Place in Fort Pierce

(Credit: Creature Safe Place)
(Credit: Creature Safe Place)

Remember the “kitten” that turned out to be a baby bobcat? She was found on the side of the road and dropped off at an Orlando fire station back in April.

Well, she’s all grown up now and ready for the wild.

The bobcat was released Thursday by Creature Safe Place on a peninsula in Fort Pierce, according to Orlando Fire Department.

The bobcat was originally found on the road near State Road 408 and John Young Parkway.

The man who rescued the animal dropped it off at Orlando Fire Station No. 7 thinking it was a baby kitten. The Fire Department said the firefighters also thought it was a cat.

The rescue facility said back in April it hoped to release the baby bobcat back into the wild when she's 4 to 5 months old.

“The ultimate goal will be to place her with another bobcat so that she can grow up. She has to know what she is, so it’s really important for all wildlife when we raise them that they grow up with another of the same kind,” Kelly Verduin with Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge said at the time of the rescue.

That day has finally come.

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