Veteran’s Voice: U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Eric Skinner

A veteran shares his voice with Central Florida

In 1992, Staff Sgt. Eric Skinner wanted to go out and see the world. The U.S. Army gave him that opportunity, along with fulfilling what Skinner felt was his responsibility to do his part by serving and carrying on his family military legacy.

Skinner served in Afghanistan during a medically stressful time as he suffered stroke-like symptoms and his stateside wife was dealing with a complicated pregnancy and subsequent loss of their child.

Hear Skinner’s story of redeploying, how he transitioned to civilian life and his views on post-traumatic stress disorder.

Veteran’s Voice allows our community’s heroes to be candid about the daily challenges while serving the United States of America and after their service. If you are a veteran and would like to tell your story, contact us today.

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