AAA: Tension in Middle East could lead to gas price spike

Gas price in Florida jumps 7 cents per gallon over 3-day span

ORLANDO, Fla. – Gas prices are on the way up at pumps across the country, and there are worries tension in the Middle East could lead to an even bigger spike.

According to new numbers released by AAA, gas prices in Florida climbed an average of 7 cents per gallon in the past three days. That puts the state average for regular at $2.53 per gallon. Experts say that is the highest price for gas since early December and 30 cents per gallon more than this time last year.

Florida drivers are still paying lower than the national average, which is nearly $2.59 per gallon.

Experts say crude oil prices increased nearly $2 per barrel on Friday, which typically results in a 5 cent hike at the pump.

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