Man accused of killing, eating Grindr date

Mark Latunski arrested on murder charge in death of Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon and Mark Latunski.
Kevin Bacon and Mark Latunski.

WARNING: Graphic details.

SHIAWASSEE COUNTY, Mich. – A 50-year-old man is accused of killing his Grindr date on Christmas Eve and eating part of his body, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

Mark Latunski was arrested on one count of open murder and one count of mutilation of a human body. He’s been in custody since police found Bacon’s body at Latunski’s home, authorities said.

Police said Kevin Bacon, 25, of Michigan, was reported missing a day after he reportedly didn’t come home for a family breakfast. His roommate said Bacon went to meet a man on Christmas Eve after they connected through a dating app, according to officials.

Bacon’s body was found Dec. 28 at the suspect’s home in Shiawassee County, about 24 miles east of Swartz Creek, a suburb of Flint, Michigan.

WARNING: More graphic details below

Court documents show police found Bacon hanging from his ankles, naked, from the rafters in Latunski’s home. Latunski allegedly told police he killed Bacon by stabbing him with a knife in the back one time, then slitting his throat, documents show.

Court documents said Latunski told police he wrapped rope around Bacon’s ankles and hung him from the rafters on the ceiling. He allegedly admitted to using the knife to cut off Bacon’s testicles, which he ate, according to authorities.