Someone changed the Google search results for Central Florida high schools

School officials working to resolve issue

Two Central Florida high schools were targeted by a prank Friday changing the names found under Google search. (WKMG 2019)

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Anyone who conducted a Google search of Lake Mary or Leesburg high schools on Friday using most internet browsers got a surprising result as someone took the liberty of changing the school names.

Under the “about” section in Google, Lake Mary High School’s name read, “Lake Mary GAY School."

A spokesperson for Seminole County Public Schools said the district took action to resolve the name change. By Friday afternoon the Google results page read “Lake Mary School.”

It’s still too early to determine if anyone will face disciplinary action as a result of the prank, according to the spokesperson.

Leesburg High School search results showing "Tatas High School." (WKMG 2019)

Pranksters also targeted Leesburg High School’s Google search results on Friday. The search results read “Tatas High School.”

The people responsible for that unwanted update also changed the description to read: “Skeezeburg High School is a high school located in Skeezeburg, Florida and is one of seven public high schools in Lake County, Florida.”

News 6 has reached out to Lake County School officials for comment.

This story will be updated if News 6 receives more information.