Winter Springs nail technician gets results by providing free services to chronically ill clients

Roseboro charges nothing for the service, enjoys seeing smiles on their faces


WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – A Central Florida man is giving back to the community with his nail kit.

Davon Roseboro a native from Connecticut, is providing manicures and pedicures to people battling a chronic illness and for their caregivers, at no cost.

“I just took it upon myself step outside of the box and say: Let me start giving back,” Roseboro said.

A Winter Springs man is helping chronically ill patients feel better, one coat of nail polish at a time.

Four years ago, when he decided to go on this journey, his first client was his wife, Marilyn, who has Leukemia. Her struggle was the reason he decided to do more.

“Chemo takes a big effect on our bodies, but then when you look good then you have your nails done, your hair done, you feel so much better,” Marilyn said.

Davon travels with his nail kit to their homes when he has a few hours to spare aside from his truck driving job.

A selfless act that makes Marilyn proud.

"If someone is there to massage your hands or massage your feet or rub your back, and you know, just say: hey, I'm here, that's beautiful," she said.

Davon said he isn't just providing nail services to chronically ill people. He's also giving back to the homeless community in downtown Orlando.

A few times a year, he said he goes around lake Eola where he also does manicures for those less fortunate.

"While he's doing that, I go and give the socks to the homeless 'cause that's what he buys, he buys socks also," his wife said.

It's a service he provides at no cost for the ill and their caregivers--one where the reward is seeing the reaction in their faces.

“It’s nice to have someone to come to you and pamper you a little--just to see the expression on someone’s face after they’ve been walking around with their feet hurting and they get to walk away perfect, and they’re happy,” he said.

It’s through a sense of compassion and solidarity that he hopes more people open their hearts to do more good as well.

“If you’re in a professional field and you can offer someone a service with no charge, go ahead and do it. It’s been wonderful. I enjoy every bit of it.”

You can follow Davon on his journey as he gets results for those who are ill in Central Florida by following him on Instagram @NailsByMen.

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